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Privacy Policy

.Personal information and privacy protection is important for us
.This Privacy Policy explains how CFDsMarkets collects personal information about you and how to preserve it, uses and discloses that information
: Collect, use and share information that has been obtained from online visitors and subscribers only in the following ways

We will collect personal information you provide voluntarily
We will use only personal information you provide for its intended purpose.
We will disclose personal information to government agencies if required by law
We will disclose personal information to contractors or partners to implement your requests. Follow the privacy policy of third . .parties or prominently display their own
.We will not disclose your personal information to other third parties without first obtaining your permission
.We have implemented safeguards to protect any information that has been collected

.We strive to provide the best experience for our users

: To this end, we automatically collect and store the following non-personally identifiable information

.Area in which you can access the Internet name
.Gateway IP address your Internet service, or in some cases, the computer you are using
.Date and time of access to the site
.And the URL of the pages you visit and files you download
.Internet address of the Web site, which is linked directly to our site
.Find used to come to the site terms and while he was at the site (in aggregate only)
This information allows us to improve our web design, display and system performance. We collect this information from users who read, browse and / or download information from our site
personal information
In order to use certain features of our site, you may need to provide personal information so that we can respond appropriately. For the purposes of this webiste, and personal information is the information or opinion that allows others to recognize you. It includes details of your name, age, gender and communication
.In most cases, you will require you to specifically agree to any collection, use or disclosure of your personal information by us .Usually there is a need consent in writing but may be oral or implied in some circumstances
.We will inform you what information we need and will be used only for the purpose stated
.Through the provision of information, you are giving consent CFDsMarkets the use of information for the purpose stated
.Regardless of how you collect your personal information, be dealt with by us in accordance with this Privacy Policy
.These sites either follow our own privacy or display their own policy
With the exception of the previous exceptions and law enforcement activities authorized the government, we do not provide personal information to outside organizations without first obtaining permission
Use of Personal Information

We collect personal information about you which is reasonably necessary to provide you with products and services that you request, as well as other information, products and services provided by or through us
.Personal and your information also helps us when considering the applications that make us
:It can also be used for personal information

Monitoring and evaluation of products and services;
:Collect and compile information for statistical purposes, prudential, actuarial and research
Help customers with queries.
:Take measures to detect and prevent fraud
Manage relationships with our customers, and
.Compliance with legal obligations and regulatory requirements

You can also use the personal information collected from you for the purpose of providing you with direct marketing materials such as research or materials that may be of interest to you. You can, however, who asked not to receive such materials by contacting the Marketing CFDsMarkets
Personal information collected by CFDsMarkets generally consists of: name, address, date of birth, sex, marital status, occupation, account details and contact details (including telephone, fax and e-mail). Sometimes we collect some personal details are unlikely to be known to others in order to help us identify you over the phone
CFDsMarkets will obtain your consent to use personal information for secondary purposes at the time of collection, unless the use of the relevant secondary purpose, which will be within your reasonable expectations
We take reasonable steps to ensure that all information we hold is as accurate as possible. You can contact us at any time, and ask us to correct or modify the information we have about you
We use technology and security procedures to protect the information we hold. Access to, and use of, personal information within CFDsMarkets appropriately to prevent the misuse or unlawful disclosure of information. At all times treats your personal information as confidential and stored securely
The access control by allowing only individuals with security passes to gain access to the workplace. Protected all existing information on the computer through the use of passwords on each computer
: I will destroy personal information if you no longer need it
For the purposes for which it was collected, or
.For the purposes of meeting the legal requirements
It will dispose properly of all files and messages and correspondence (hard copy or electronic) that contain personal information that is no longer needed
Disclose personal information when we outsource certain functions sources, which may include market research, direct marketing, and production of the statement, and debt recovery and information technology support. We also seek expert help from time to time to help us improve our systems, products and services
In all cases where personal information may become known to our contractors, agents and service providers of outsourcing, there are confidentiality arrangements in place. Contractors, agents and service providers of outsourcing are not able to use or disclose personal information for any other purposes of our own
.We make every effort to deal only with the parties involved and to show the same values ??as our own
Disclosure required by law
We may be required to disclose customer information by law, for example, under court orders, or legal notices in accordance with the tax laws or social security or under laws relating to sanctions, and the fight against money laundering and the financing of the fight against terrorism
The information collected to track and customization (cookies)
We may use three types of tools to gather information on various Web sites: session cookies, permanent link and other tools customization profiles .*
If you visit CFDsMarkets site and log on to safe areas, we will use cookies to enable us to authorize your arrival .*
: Use • Cookies in general on the site CFDsMarkets
Advertising Management – We use advertising companies to display ads on the Internet. When you see one of our ads on a third party site, and sometimes use cookies to collect information about what pages you visit and the type of program you are using. And
Traffic monitoring – we use tracking companies to gather information about how people use the site CFDsMarkets, this information shall include the time of the visit, pages visited, and some information about your computer system you are using. We use this information to enhance the content and services provided on the site
it can also be used for other purposes cookies on the site CFDsMarkets but in the case of all the information gathered can be used to identify you
You can configure your browser to accept or reject all cookies, or notify you when you are sent a cookie.(Each browser is different, so make sure the “Help”  menu of your browser to learn how to change your cookie preferences.)
If you disable the use of cookies in your web browser or remove or reject specific cookies from our website files or linked sites then you may not be able to access all of the content and facilities in our website
If you do not want cookies to be transferred to your computer, you can choose to opt their use by modifying your browser options .* While you will still be able to access most of the features of our Web site, and some features may not work well or may be unavailable to you
Do not link containing personal information session cookies and once you close your browser, the cookies disappear
We use session cookies on our site for technical purposes, such as to let you navigate more easily throughout the site
session cookies only collect non-personally identifiable data
Fixed Cookies store information on your computer for longer periods of time. We may use permanent cookies to improve and customize your online experience files, and remember you between visits
Persistent cookies can “remember” user preferences provided voluntarily and can create a smoother experience
customization tools allow you to contribute information to customize and improve your online experience on a particular Web site, for example, you can choose to build your personal collection of items associated with your online .*
This information is stored on our servers
Access to your personal information

.You may request access to your information by contacting us (see contact details below). Overall, we will give you access to your information. However, there may be some legal or administrative reasons to deny access. If access is denied, we will provide you with reasons
Dealing with CFDsMarkets online

.If you visit the site CFDsMarkets to browse and read or download information, we will have a system of registration of these movements. These records site is not personal identifiable CFDsMarkets and makes no attempt to identify people who are online
.Account information is password protected, we recommend not to disclose your password to anyone
.We can not guarantee or accept responsibility for the privacy practices or the content of Web sites that offer links practices
Other important information

.We may amend the Privacy Policy from time to time. We will notify you of any changes to the Privacy Policy that requires your consent before implementation. If you have a complaint or want more information about how to CFDsMarkets and management of your personal information, please contact us