Forex date:

“Forex” is a term that is used in the definition of the global foreign exchange market and could call shortcut for FX – FX. This is done by deliberation global market in all global foreign currencies. It has been the establishment of this market in 1971 when world market prices shifted from fixed prices established for the move to shifting exchange rates and unstable.

Forex market has become the most important and broader markets on a global level, due to the great and large liquidity.

We’ll show you Here are some of the most important features of the basic forex market, which represents an important resource in the way of his success:

– Large daily turnover of the market and the great liquidity, which makes the trading of which traded as easy and successful size.

– The existence of leverage that enables you to double your capital gains and thus doubling.

– Forex market is a clear and transparent as the follow you to the Market News capable of making it clear to you every nuance.

– That the forex market is available over the five days a week, 24 hours a day, from Monday to Friday.

– The many vagaries of the market at the same time that enables you to achieve gains as soon as prices fall and rise time.

– The existence of a private trading tools that help you reduce risk, identify and stop loss and thus achieve a successful and fruitful trading.

Exchange Rate:

The Forex market an important and essential role in determining the international exchange rates, the exchange rate is a ratio of a particular country currency switch in the currency of any other state that a certain percentage of the currency, which is considered as a commodity in exchange for other currency, which is considered a price for it switch. Exchange rate represents the value of the number of units of the currency of a particular country and that is altered in exchange for one unit of the currency of another country. What determines the impact on the exchange rate between the two currencies in the currency exchange market is private and official interaction between the participation in foreign currency exchange rates countries.

Participants in the market:

Primary participants in the forex market are: financial institutions, central banks, reserve funds, commercial banks, businesses and investors and individual traders.

The basic reasons which made these participants share in the forex market are:

– Gains of market speculation and the volatility of currency movements and prices.

– Prevention of change and currency fluctuation, which is based on the trading of goods and services.

In light of the evolution of the technological world and the increasing development and construction in this area it has become a global net important way to facilitate trading operations, tools and follow the market news and make it accessible and available to investors directly with all spectra of the results and their implications.