Terms and conditions

  1. This agreement is entered into by the customer and CFDsMarkets (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) which acts as a legal brokerage Company and receives requests from customers. The Company is authorized to provide the services specified in these Terms & Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”).
  2. The relationship between the client and the Company shall be governed by this Agreement. As this Agreement is a distance contract, it is amongst others, governed by the Distance Marketing of Consumer Financial Services, under which signing the Agreement is not required and the Agreement has the same rights and liabilities as a duly signed contract. In the case where the customer wishes to have a signed agreement, then the customer should print and send 2 (two) copies to the company, where the company will sign and stamp the Agreements and send a copy back to the customer.
  3. The Company is located in ……………, phone number …………….., fax …………., email ………………..
  4. This Agreement shall enter into force when we confirm the opening of the customer’s account in the Company.
  5. We shall not be required and may be unable to accept you as a Client, under the rules and regulations, until all “Know Your Client” and Anti-Money Laundering documentation we require has been received by us.
  6. From the date on which your Account is activated we will receive and transmit orders for you in Financial Instruments to be implemented by the liquidity provider.
  7. This Agreement is valid for an unlimited period of time; therefore, We may terminate this Customer Agreement immediately upon the occurrence of any of the events set out below:
    • You fail to comply with any requirement relating to the transfer of an open investment position.
    • You do not have the authority to transact business with us or to do so in the manner in which you customarily conduct business with us.
    • If you become deceased, declared absent or become of unsound mind.
    • Such termination is required by any competent regulatory authority or body.
    • You violate any provision of the Customer Agreement, and in our opinion, the Customer Agreement cannot be implemented.
    • If you fail to make any payment or fail to perform any other act required by the Customer Agreement.
    • We receive reliable information that an adverse material change in your financial condition has occurred or that you may be unable to perform your obligations under the Customer Agreement or you do not give to us adequate assurance of your ability to perform your obligations within 24 hours after receipt of the relevant request from us.
    • If an application is filed in respect to you for any action pursuant to any bankruptcy acts or any equivalent act, including those of another country which are applicable to you, or if a partnership, to one or more of the partners, or a company, a trustee, administrative receiver or similar officer is appointed.
    • If an Order is made or a resolution is passed for your winding-up or administration (other than for the purposes of amalgamation or reconstruction).
    • If any distress, execution or other process is levied against any property that you own and is not removed, discharged or paid within 7 days.
    • If any security created by any mortgage or charge becomes enforceable against you and the mortgagee or chargee (ie. lender) takes steps to enforce the security or charge.
    • If any indebtedness of you or any of your subsidiaries becomes immediately due and payable, or capable of being declared so due and payable, prior to its stated maturity by reason of your default (or any of your subsidiaries) or you (or any of your subsidiaries) fail to discharge any indebtedness on its due date.
    • You convene a meeting for the purpose of making or proposing or entering into any arrangement or composition for the benefit of your creditors.
    • If any of the representations or warranties given by you are/or become untrue.
    • In cases of material violation by you of the requirements established by any legislation.
    • If scalping or any other unauthorized trading activity is performed on the Online Trading System, whether automated or manual. In this case, all of the unauthorized Transactions will be voided and cancelled.
    • If you are classified as a Politically Exposed Person (PEP) or fail to provide adequate documentation with regards to the “Know Your Client” and Anti-Money Laundering regulations which the Company is required to follow.
    • The Company maintains a strict policy of limiting accounts to 1 per person, family, household address, email address, telephone number, same payment account details (e.g. debit or credit card, Neteller, etc) and shared computer, e.g. in a public library or workplace. Duplicate registrations by the same Client are strictly forbidden and all Transactions performed by all duplicate accounts will be voided and cancelled and all profits generated will be debited.
    • The company maintains a zero-tolerance policy for abusive trading strategies, fraudulent activities, manipulation, or any other scams. Such activities include, but are not limited to, misuse of deposited and promotional/bonus funds, swap arbitrage, bonus arbitrage, cashbacks, internal or external hedging, the use of any automated trading system and/or software (“trading robots,” “expert advisors,” etc.). If we deem there to be any such activities in relation to the Client’s trading account, we reserve the right to void and cancel any or all of your past Transactions and debit all generated profits.
  8. This Customer Agreement may be terminated by either the Client or the Company at any time by sending a written notice. As a result of the termination of this Customer Agreement, the Client’s Account will be closed.
  9. Your termination of this Customer Agreement will not affect any obligation or liability that you may then have to us, including any liability or short position you may have resulting from or in connection with transactions initiated prior to the termination.