Secure Online Trading

We take the responsibility of dealing with your money seriously. Consequently, your money is always protected, from the moment your trading account is created with our company until the very moment you withdraw your money. Secure online trading is the most important element; hence all of our operations are encrypted. We deal with the best banks and credit card companies, as well.
Do not worry – we guarantee your money is placed in the hands of the best financial institutions.

Our Security Measurements


A firewall is a legal barrier preventing the transference of inside information and the performance of financial transactions between commercial and investment banks.

Verisign SSL

VeriSign Secured is trust seal provided by leading Certificate Authority Symantec to the website who has obtained SSL certificate.

24 Hour Surveillance

Our guards are attendant 24-hours to protect the accounts.

Testing & Upgrading

Testing and upgrading of the trading platform in order to prevent any program error from occurring.

We are under the obligation to protect your money and your personal data.
Your trading is always safe with us as a result of the different precautions we have taken to keep your account and information safe.

Our protection system is designed to prevent access to the personal information of our investors, thus, allowing them to enjoy their trading experience without worrying about the integrity of their account.

Payments from third parties are not accepted. This means that in the case of using a credit card, it should belong to the owner of the account and the use of a credit card of a third party is forbidden.
According to our regulations, we send money that is withdrawn from the account to the owner’s account/wallet only.

Know Your Client

In accordance with the AML / CFT Act 2006, our company takes strict measures to ensure compliance with AML regulations so we ask our clients to send the following documentation:
– Proof of Identity
A copy of ID documentation from both sides or a copy of a driver’s licensefrom both sides or a copy of a passport. The copy should be clear and legible.
– Proof of address
A copy of a utility bill (water, electricity, mobile, landline or internet) or bank statement issued within the last three months of opening the account/wallet. The bill must include:
Name of customer
Address in full
Date of issuance of bill
Name of the company or bank issuing the document
– In the case of using a credit card
A clear copy of the credit card from both sides
• From the front side, the copy must show
– 4 digits from the right only
– the name of the owner of the credit card
– expiration date of the credit card
• From the back side, the CVV number must be concealed

CFDsMarkets respects the privacy of any user entering our site; therefore, we are obliged to protect personal information and not disclose it to any party that does not belong to our company.