Frequently Asked Questions

Sign up with CFDs Markets and our representatives will be ready to help you every step of the way. Once your account is accredited and activated, you will be ready to start trading.

The company provides a variety of accounts and each account requires a minimum amount to be deposited. You can choose the account that suits your needs.

The different accounts we have available are suited for the different needs of every trader.

The minimum size for a deal is 500 USD.

Yes, the investor is allowed to open more than one trading account.

All the accounts in CFDs Markets are in Euros and US dollars.

CFDs Markets’ commission is the commission from opening deals.

No, CFDs Markets does not charge any fee on money transfers.

Yes, CFDs Markets reserves the right to charge 45$ when the customer’s account is inactive for a period longer than three months.

Each investor has a specialized account manager and an economic analyst who provides investors with daily market analysis.

At this moment, CFDs Markets does not accept traders who reside in the United States.

No, CFDs Markets does not deduct any amount of money for taxation purposes.

CFDs Markets offers ACT Trade platform.

The main currencies are currencies that are measured by the value of the local currency. The main currencies are five: the Swiss Franc (CHF), the Pound Sterling (GBP), the Japanese Yen (JPY), the Euro (EUR), and the United States Dollar (USD).

The loss you see when you open a deal is the difference in points that exists automatically regardless of the outcome of the specific transaction. The difference in points is the difference between the selling and buying prices of the bond.
You will start earning profits when the market exceeds the point difference towards the direction of your deal.

The Stop Loss Order protects you from transactions moving against your personal interests and therefore protects your account balance.
For volatile markets, it is always advisable to use a Stop Loss Order to minimize losses.

The Take Profit Order closes a deal at the profit point you have designated. The Take Profit Order protects a profitable deal in volatile markets.

It is a tool that the company provides clients with. It is the percentage or fractional increase clients can trade from the amount of capital they have available. It allows traders to trade notional values far higher than the capital they have. Every deal opens up with a financial leverage.
The financial leverage in CFDs Markets is 1:200, in other words, for each dollar deposited by the investor, the investor takes 200 dollars to trade with without risking more than deposited.

Scalping involves opening and closing a certain position in a matter of seconds. The minimum amount of time for closing a deal after it has been opened is 1-minute.

Financial markets have daily breaks during which it is not possible to trade gold, silver or oil. We cannot control the trading or break hours.

We, CFDs Markets, are a brokerage company and we automatically execute orders according to your instructions.

When markets close for the weekend, open deals are frozen and when the markets open, the deals are opened again but at a price different from that of theprevious week’s closing price.

We offer you a wide variety of options for international and local deposits, Credit Cards, Eco Bayes, Bank Transfers.

You may open an account or transfer money to an Islamic account at any time. Therefore, please contact your private broker in order to arrange for an Islamic trading account.

In order for you to obtain all the basic services, the minimum amount that should be deposited is 500 USD.

Any deposits coming from third parties are strictly prohibited.

You can always request money withdrawal through the checkout icon available in your trading account.

CFDs Markets is an online trading company specialized in the trading of currencies, stocks, commodities and indices in the form of CFDs.

CFDs Markets was established in 2009.

Our company earns a profit from the fixed price differences between the bid price and the ask price for the trade.

Our company teaches traders everything they need to know about the market and its movements so that their deals are profitable. Not only that but our company also helps traders develop personalized trading strategies.
Our company desires that our customers continue making profits and continue trading and opening deals. In this way, our company also profits from the spread. Notwithstanding, the trader takes the responsibility for the risks involved as well as the overall profitability.

The customer support team is all set and available the 24 hours of a trading week through telephone, live chat and e-mail to help you with any inquiry.

Every item has its buying price and selling price, you must make sure that you are monitoring the correct side of market, be it selling and buying, to verify whether the execution for the transaction has been stimulated or not.

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